Artist Nikolaus Kriese

The redefinition of creativity

As an artist & commission painter I paint since 1995 images of the highest brilliance and excellent quality – worldwide.

Thereby my artworks are as individual as diverse! I create for you unique acrylic paintings, exclusive oil paintings and decorative murals. With the aim to make people happy with these powerful images.

I specialize in commission painting & free painting – mainly large format works and painting reproductions. I also have a passion for precise portrait painting and facade design.

It is always about to the point, excellent paintings to achieve the maximum pleasure of my clients and collectors.

artworks from artist-nikolaus-kriese

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Painting & commission painting

My passion – your unique work of art

  • Unlimited possibilities

  • Lasting joy

  • Durable materials
  • Highest luminosity

  • Unique

  • Meaningful aesthetics

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I’ll help you find your next favorite painting.

Would you like to be advised ? Have a work of art made on request ? As an artist, I will answer your questions and guide you through all the possibilities.

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Online images gallery

Buying paintings online from the artist is a matter of trust, above all, also a matter of individual aspirations to a work of art in terms of aesthetic and artistic aspects.

Visit in the studio

All of my painted pictures, especially the very large-format oil paintings and expressive paintings can be viewed in my studio. In a few exceptions, the pictures are in an exhibition where they can also be viewed.

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Thank you very much for the great picture! It arrived today with us and will be presented tomorrow immediately to the jubilarian. Many thanks at this point also for the fast and uncomplicated order and organization. Great that it worked so
worked out so well. Gladly again, should we need something special. Then promised but a little more timely.


— KLEINER GmbH Stanztechnik

The picture arrived well and I like it very, very much. Really totally great :-))! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making it possible! The picture has now arrived in his home and hangs on top of the gallery. My friend also thinks it’s perfect and also says it’s super done and he was very happy about it. Thank you again!

— Gal

künstler malerei fenster moderne kunst

online gallery

künstler malerei landschaft ölfarbe
Artist Nikolaus Kriese

Space Architecture & Landscape. The invention of another reality.

“Montages of naturalistic modern and traditional views characterize the paintings of artist Nikolaus Kriese. His motifs

the artist develops with preference from daily encounters with architecture, rooms, landscapes and objects. In the mixture of color structures and spatial structures each picture is

colorful-decorative and at the same time realistically interpretative.

The art through multicolored or monochrome treatments of the individual surfaces and alternating painterly representational and

expressive elements to formulate a pictorial order. With the clear structure of the rooms, objects and landscapes and the playful relationship of the individual levels among themselves, everything optical becomes conceivable.

The artist Nikolaus Kriese paints on canvas. For this he uses oil and acrylic paints. In many of his paintings, the immediate use of color becomes the final. Each of his paintings follows its own logic, there are elements which reappear, a certain seriality depending on the Creative period and experienced. Almost always the spaces of his paintings are deserted, not even animals are depicted.

Some of the paintings seem cold and distant in their own way, even if, for example, plants are on it. The thematic field of painting remains open, can include from marbles in the meadow to clouds, Lego bricks, forests and House entrances contain all sorts of things. Representational becomes actor in naturalistic composition, with the presence in large format.”

künstler moderne malerei kunst gegenständlich
künstler moderne malerei kunst
künstler moderne malerei kunst nikolaus kriese new leipzig school art
Artist Nikolaus Kriese

The world as a construction kit

Collage-like image staging of spaces and objects. New contexts through the mix of real existing reality. For example, when photorealistic architecture appears in colorful landscapes or accurately painted objects are depicted as constructed elements.

With quite a few pictures by the artist Nikolaus Kriese it is like with nature: it does not ask any questions, but gives many answers. Flying objects, children’s toys, stairways, insights, passages, doors to another dimension. New worlds in front of a familiar landscape.

Strong color contrasts, clear construction, architecture and landscape, naturalistic depiction of reality, a closed shutter, an office, clear architectural lines. Spaces that do without people. Large format, slightly gloomy andmystical, little white space and room for interpretation and the penchant for detail.

Artist Nikolaus Kriese

Pure colors

Free forms, explosion and material battle. Intense pasty forms on hand-built frames. The images live through the materiality. Highest luminosity through intense and pure colors. Stirred pigments as putty and raised with oil paints to the highest luminosity.

The motifs were created in the ongoing work process. These works show a special interest in colorful Interactions of the surfaces to each other, very expressive gestures and partly cool objectivity & emotion.

The examination of colored surfaces and forms offer an interesting insight into a playful world. The images also reflect the forest and an expressive mysticism as an alternative to reality.

moderne kunst malerei abstrakt
künstler moderne abstrakte malerei
kunst malerei nikolaus kriese art
künstler nikolaus kriese neue leipziger schule
künstler nikolaus kriese contemporary art
künstler nikolaus kriese new leipzig school art
Painter Nikolaus Kriese

Crystal clear constructed reality

What places exist within us? How do we create new spaces in the now? When do these spaces become real? These works from 2009 to 2019 show a lot of glass and translucent materials. Gems, glass blocks, glasses, windows, bottles and glass marbles. Almost disappearing, a tiny windmill can still be made out on the horizon.

Individual red areas dominate the predominantly bluish pictorial structure. Sometimes the view opens up to free landscapes and often an artificial space is created. Almost all pictures follow a concrete geometric construction.

In them the sky plays a major role. Weightlessness of objects in space, physics is seemingly suspended. The pictorial language with the almost sterile coolness of their geometric forms reflects New Objectivity. Playing creator, creating spatiality and generating experience of new worlds. Retreats, fantasy places with metaphorical and metaphysical allusions. Seeing the world as a construction kit and play.

Artist Nikolaus Kriese

Silent places

Places without people. Traditional architecture in expressive scenery. Thuringian forest and meadows – a feeling of home and sun. Where is that? This home? When we go out and experience nature? When are we there? Stories of people and their architecture. Perspectives and image of real reality. These works are also documents of time and atmospheric insights into a harmonious reality in colorful openness. Village house facades, idyllic world, light-flooded courtyards, old abandoned houses and windows.

künstler nikolaus kriese moderne kunst leipziger schule
künstler nikolaus kriese moderne kunst haus
künstler nikolaus kriese moderne kunst architektur
künstler nikolaus kriese abstrakte malerei
künstler nikolaus kriese contemporary art
künstler nikolaus kriese moderne kunst abstrakt
Artist Nikolaus Kriese

Color, tracing and construction

Even what appears clearly arranged and structured often does not fit together harmoniously. Lively largely abstract colorfulness with clear separation of forms. In these

color tableaus are dominated by cool blue with dissonant, always surprising color accents. We are confronted with seemingly expressive sections of the world or arranged color fields that defy more precise attribution or classification.

The latter also applies to the numerous allusions and borrowings from more recent epochs of art history. The painting techniques and use of materials are correspondingly variable. In particular, these paintings in oil and acrylic paint show colorful, thickly applied materiality.experimental color combinations and color methodologies.

Serial overworked works and overpainted pictures, expressive drawings of everyday experiences. Search for traces and color games. Pure bright colors, contrasts and partly open forms. Cosmic color games. Graphic lines and structures. A recasting and search for traces in the now. Conceptless image structure and color choice as an artist.


Questions & Answers

Find the right painting

A carefully chosen mural will enliven any room. As an artist help you find the right motif or painting for your walls. In my artist moderne malerei kunstAtelier in Erfurt you have the opportunity to look at all the pictures on site. You are also welcome to have one of the pictures delivered and hang it on your wall for 2 weeks for trial. All paintings are unique and are signed by me. Within a few days your painting reaches you safely packed, your home.

The effect of the artwork in space

Every room looks different. Combining the walls with the right paintings is a great art. In the thoughtful interaction of picture and wall, a harmonious overall impression is created. But sometimes a room needs a purposeful break. For example, an intense large painting in a clear room. Or a classical work combined with a modern interior. When deciding on the right purchase of a painting, you should also rely on your inner feeling.

Why buy an painting as an original?

A high-quality painting can be the perfect eye-catcher in a spacious foyer. Or you can accentuate individual rooms

with pictures. Exclusively painted originals by the artist moderne malerei kunstsorgen in the waiting areas for the fact that your customers or business partners feel the wait as shorter. Show your art and fundamentally change the atmosphere in your premises.

Have commissioned painting made.

With me you can commission acrylic paintings & oil paintings for your living space or your business. As an experienced artist, I can implement all desired motifs for you. Gladly you can send me several photo templates, which I then convert to a

perfect acrylic painting or oil painting. Before the implementation of the image you will receive one or more drafts so you can decide in peace. If you are satisfied with the design motif of the desired commission painting I begin with the implementation on your painting. I can also combine different motifs for you to create a new and unique work of art.

This is how the painting comes into its own

In the company or in a practice, a painting loosens the atmosphere and gives the premises its own atmospheric aura. A single painting can completely change the overall impression of an entire room. A white wall is suddenly no longer just a wall, but with the painting creates a completely new overall composition. The whole room becomes more individual.

Why buy a painting by the artist Nikolaus Kriese?

The paintings offered here come directly from my studio. Each work of art is a signed unique, which I have designed myself and created using high quality materials. The colors used are made of high quality pigments and binders and are a guarantee of high durability and luminosity.

In most paintings the painting base consists of a canvas stretched on a wooden frame. In some cases, the painting supports are also made of wooden panels or special painting cardboard.

The photography of the artwork is done in my studio under the best lighting conditions to ensure the most realistic reproduction of each image. From the representing monitor and its settings it can come to deviating results of the color representation. However, it is usually the case that the works in reality are usually more impressive than in the digital image.

Send request

Discover the world of the artist! Artists are the masters of their craft and have a passion for creating works of art that excite the senses and stimulate the imagination. Using a combination of creativity, technology and innovation, I create works of art that are distinctive and unique.

Unique art

Each work of art is a story in itself, expressing emotion and personality. Discover the fascination of art through and be inspired by the beauty of their works.

From painting to facade design, from traditional to modern, as an artist I cover a wide range of styles and techniques to ensure there is something for everyone. Visit my gallery and discover ArtWorks that will delight and inspire you!

Creative Process

I pride myself on expressing my vision and emotions through my artwork and taking the viewer on a journey. My creative process often begins with an idea or inspiration, which I then translate into colors, shapes and textures.

Each of my works is unique and has its own story to tell. My art is an expression of my personality and individual style, shaped by my experiences and impressions. I work hard to perfect my technique and constantly evolve to take my art to the next level. When I look at my works, I feel a deep satisfaction that can only be achieved through the creation of art. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my artwork with others and inspire them.

Visit my gallery and discover my world of art!

Original are not only the motifs on the canvas, but also the artwork itself can be an eye-catcher in an unusual form. Unique and individually convertible is, for example, a multi-part artwork. Modern works of art that are fun, both the artist and the viewer. You are welcome to visit all also all works in my studio in Erfurt.

Unique works of art

With oil paints hand-painted artworks are valuable unique pieces that do not exist a second time. Provided with my signature you will receive a unique painting. All canvases are provided after the conversion with a varnish. This gives the images a higher brilliance. Each work of art is long as sublime as on the first day. This is ensured by UV-resistant colors that retain their color depth. In principle, you do not need a separate frame for a work of art from my studio. Because each canvas painting is also painted on the sides, so that already the covered stretcher wonderfully replaces any picture frame. If desired, I frame your painting with a matching frame.

Order your artwork conveniently online

Buying a painting online has never been easier than with As the most famous commission painter in Germany, I offer you a huge selection of exceptional canvas paintings, which you can order online with just a few clicks. Whether modern paintings 16x20inch, square in 30x30inch or extra large in 50x70inch, I have the right sizes for you on offer.

Browse at your leisure through my online gallery and discover the right canvas painting with your favorite motif – from an abstract painting to the landscapes to the romantic spring dream or minimalist artwork. If you want a successful contrast to your colorful walls, it is best to choose an acrylic painting in plain colors.

Bright paintings

A colorful canvas painting will look its best on a white wall and will bring power to the room. If you have decided on an acrylic painting, put it in your shopping cart with one click or let me make it for you individually as a commissioned painting.

At checkout, select your preferred payment method (credit card, prepayment, invoice). Then I paint your desired canvas image. Securely packed in bubble wrap and cardboard, ready stretched and ready to hang, your new canvas painting will arrive in a few business days.

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