What is commissioned art? As an artist I try to answer this question and explain what is commissioned art.

What is commissioned art? – Commissioned artist as a profession?

commission painting landscape-decoration

commission painting landscape-decoration

A work of commissioned art is made for a client. The commissioned art includes a concept according to the ideas of a client, the artistic implementation is carried out by the commissioned artist.

For example, the painterly realization of a picture according to a template, the construction of a sculpture in the public domain or the design of a facade with a mural. A part of the commissioned art is the commissioned painting. (More information about this can be found here: What is commissioned painting?)

What does commissioned art do from a historical perspective?

Commissioned art with its paintings and wall designs has been an integral part of artistic creation for centuries. Many clients had their houses decorated by artists or had paintings made exactly according to their ideas. Many great works are the result of commissioned artists such as Velázquez, Peter Paul Rubens, Frans Hals or Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci.

Often contracts regulated very precisely the motive of a work of art, the material to be used for it and the artist’s work performance. Often the concept or a religious background for the realization of a theme came from the client. Conversely, the artists understood how to take up the idea and put it into coherent forms. And likewise, artists were able to use freedom in the formulation of the work to give it their own accent. Great art is thus the result of a committed and inspiring interplay between client and artist.

Here is a feature from #Deutschlandfunk about #art and #advertising with me starting at minute 25. >> Free art as the last bulwark against the economized society. That is the claim. But how free are artists whose works have been commissioned? Where does pure (commissioned) art end and where does advertising for a product or a cause begin?




What is commissioned art these days?

Even today, new commissioned works of art continue to emerge. In 2010, Jeff Koons was commissioned by BMW to design an Art Car in Paris. The painter Michael Triegel portrayed Pope Bendikt XVI with a commissioned painting, and Thomas Struth took a photo of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. In 2007, Gerhard Richter designed a window in Cologne Cathedral. The Leipzig artist Neo Rauch created the designs for the windows of the Elizabeth Chapel in Naumburg Cathedral and donated them to the United Cathedral Founders in Merseburg and Naumburg.

Select motif and commission a picture



Are you looking for an imaginative and exclusive gift? You have a special idea? In my studio you have a diverse repertoire of paintings and drawings at your disposal. As a commissioned artist, I offer you an extensive range of products, so that your personal wish becomes reality. Each painting is a one-off, freely convertible in format, technique, material and color.

As a commissioned artist I deliver them absolute top quality. Here you can easily order a commissioned artwork from me:

1. send photo by email
2. determine desired size
3. inform us about any special requests

Let’s go! Simply upload photo and order picture.


Customers about the artist nikolaus kriese

Hello Mr. Kriese, the acrylic painting has arrived hammermäßig well. The customer had been hugely pleased, was overwhelmed and happy….Thank you again for the great work!

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