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Artistic staging for your facade


Facade design for art lovers, builders and architects.

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Nikolaus Kriese
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Are you looking for a design of your walls with huge pictures? As a theater painter and artist I offer distinctive wall painting, wall design & illusion painting. Through my many years of experience as a professional facade painter enstehen numerous representative paintings for banks, public institutions and theaters. For art collectors and homeowners. For catering establishments, architecture and construction companies, commercial premises and stores, churches and day care centers.

Together we develop an overall spatial and color concept for you and create a completely new room atmosphere.

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My clients value creativity, passion & innovation.

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Facade design & wall painting

Creativity & real craftsmanship – Professional wall painting

A facade design is unique and sustainable. It requires experience, spatial imagination, and a confident handling of materials. To reproduce a picture on a facade is a very challenging matter.

As a theatrical painter, I can design your object with large-scale painting and refined details. Through an independent artistic contribution to the building project, I can provide you with a reference to the architecture and the function of the building. Use your facade as an advertising medium and to beautify the cityscape.

Development of true to scale motifs
With scaffold or lifting platform
Implementation on concrete, plaster, wood & metals
Resistant exterior & interior facade paint


from drawing to painting

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customers about my work

” I am very happy about the pictures. Now comes life into our hallway. Yesterday we had a small celebration and my girlfriends are also thrilled. “

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Facade design & wall painting

Have custom picture painted on wall

The external appearance of a building is mainly determined by the facade. The facade is an essential part of the exterior space and the face to the city and the public. It is the reflection of aesthetics, self-expression, wealth but also illusions. The execution of murals is done with me using traditional materials such as stencils, brushes and paints and, for example, the transfer of the motif by means of a grid on the object.

  • Analysis of your rooms

  • Development of spatial concepts

  • High quality and versatile materials

  • Ceiling painting, staircases and illusion painting

  • Imitation materials (e.g. marble and wood)

  • Ideal for: Businesses, amusement parks, spa facilities, commercial properties and hotels.
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