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Long experience, spatial imagination and a confident handling of the materials are of central importance for an art copy.

Traditional oil paints or acrylic paints offer the ideal conditions for professionally realizing old masters, modern oil paintings or art-historically relevant paintings such as baroque painting with very high standards.

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Exactly according to their ideas

As an artist with over 25 years of experience, I use high quality materials to ensure you enjoy your commissioned painting for a long time.

Painted by the artist himself
  • Implementation in the studio
  • Post corrections until satisfaction
  • Customized frames & sizes
  • Personal advice
  • True to scale fabrication
  • Old masters & modern works
  • Traditional & modern techniques
  • Oil paint, pigments and varnish
  • Panel paintings on canvas and wood
  • On request with individual framing

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Order painting – worldwide

Masterful paintings professionally realized

Creativity, experience and quality are things that my clients appreciate in my images. This creates trust and ensures an innovative collaboration – even in the long term.

As an artist, I rely on my craftsmanship potential, because that’s how the best art copies are created.

At the same time, your painting is guaranteed to receive my full attention, because as an artist I always keep a close eye on every project. Thanks to a large repertoire, my possibilities are almost unlimited.

I am curious which motif I may implement for you!

True to style

As an artist I guarantee you a painted oil painting using high quality materials.


Prder paintings by Nikolaus Kriese create a unique atmosphere – anywhere in the world.

Customer opinion order painting

“Your first art copy arrived today. We are totally thrilled, a real masterpiece! The packaging was also super, everything intact and undamaged. We are delighted!”

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Art Copy Questions & Answers

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What is the shelf life of an order painting?

There are no limits to the durability of classic oil and modern acrylic paints. Oil and acrylic paints are very light-resistant. In older paintings, the varnish becomes darker after about 100 years. With very old paintings, it makes sense to refresh the surface so that the colors shine again. For an elaborate and original art copy, I use materials and colors of the respective period. E.G.. Glue-primed canvas, mixing the colors with pigments. This requires in advance partly an extensive research.

Where is the best place to hang an order painting?

So that the picture does not suffer for many years, it makes sense not to expose it to direct sunlight for a long time. Pictures like a shady place, with not too high temperature fluctuations and the humidity should remain reasonably constant. True to the original art copies also enjoy changing places and walls to please the loving eye of the viewer again and again. I will gladly measure your walls on site to find the ideal measure.

How big is an order painting?

With me you can have your art copy painted in any size. Starting from the small format 15 x 15cm over medium-sized formats, as well as disproportionate sizes, such as 30 x 40 inch. As a trained theater painter I paint your image even in facade size, eg 500 square meters. Your art copy is created on request, exactly the proportional size of the original painting. Gladly I paint it also in the size of your choice.

Which order painting for which room?

I will be happy to paint your order painting matched to your rooms. That is, you send me a photo of your rooms and together we choose the best picture for your walls together. Sometimes a golden frame fits better than a black frame. Or I design the picture in the color scheme entirely according to your wishes. There are no limits to your imagination. So that you find the right painting, I will be happy to accompany you in the search.

What is the best order painting?

The best prerequisites for a successful painting are the long experience, confident handling of materials and spatial imagination of the artist. Other prerequisites are the sometimes necessary research in advance, the relevant budget, as well as the appropriate time for implementation. Therefore I ask: does the motif work? To what extent does the original match the painting? In what context will the painting hang?

How do I transport & store an order painting?

It is best to store a painting for a long period of time, wrapped in bubble wrap, in a dark and dry place. To protect the painting from dust and other influences, repackaging makes sense. For transport, packaging in bubble wrap is suitable, as well as a cardboard wrapping. The corners should be protected. So you and your descendants still have a long pleasure in the painting.

Is an art copy the same as an original?

An art copy can be very close to the original. The prerequisite for this is research and a stylish use of the materials and colors used. An art copy is a likeness and an attempt to reproduce the original in as much detail as possible. A created likeness is very impressive. The feel of the surface, the smell of a painting and the touch of contemporary history holds a very high appeal. The freshness of the colors is amazing, as well as the change in space.

What do I need for an order request?

With a request I need the desired size of the image & a description of the desired motif. Best you send me the desired motif by e-mail. You are also welcome to visit me in my studio in Erfurt. Each work is made according to a template. The detailed and careful working method guarantees a maximum artistic result and a unique commissioned painting.



Motifs & Sizes

Rapid implementation

You choose a template and have it transformed into a painting. In just 3 weeks you get a hand-painted masterpiece. Ready to hang!

Long pleasure

All art copies are mounted on durable wooden frames and painted durable canvas, so that later generations can still enjoy your work.

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My clients value creativity, passion & innovation.

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Authenticity & Accuracy

The beauty of an order painting

Give your rooms that certain something!

Are you looking for a way to beautify your living or work space and give it an individual touch? Then you are exactly right at! I offer hand-painted oil, and acrylic paintings in various sizes and styles, which inspire with their variety of colors and shapes.

My art copies are made by me in elaborate handwork. I use only high quality canvases and light-fast oil paints to offer you a painting that you will enjoy for a long time. Each work of art is also provided with an exclusive frame, which brings the painting additionally to the validity.

Whether you prefer modern or classic art – with me you will find the right oil painting for any occasion. For example, surprise your loved ones with a portrait painting or decorate your business premises with an abstract work of art. The possibilities are almost endless!

With an art copy, you not only bring color and life to your rooms, but also create a very personal atmosphere. Be brave and give free rein to color and form – I’ll be happy to help you find the perfect painting for you!

  • Realization according to photo template

  • Preparation of drafts

  • Individual sizes

  • Handmade frame

  • On request with framing & gilding

  • Large sizes possible from 100 inch

kunstkopie malen lassen porträtmalerei künstler
kunstkopie malen lassen im großformat vom künstler mit holzkiste
order painting abstract artwork

ART & commission painting

All art copies are meticulously painted and are characterized by their unique implementation. Whether bright and vivid colors or a monochrome color spectrum. Whether it is an extremely thin glaze of a classical painting or a pastose application of paint in a modern painting, the use of oil paints meets all expectations of a high standard and reliability.

order painting contemporary art
Lightfast oil paints and high quality canvases

Everything starts with the right material. With a combination of highly pigmented oil paints and exclusive canvases. With this I achieve the best results for all images, which I implement. My

long experience with the handling of materials allows you to achieve a unique result.

I construct the drawing, lay out the areas, set highlights and shadows, and match color areas to each other, again and again. It ends with a focused final sharpening of the details and color design on your oil painting.

  • All oil paintings are safely packed in bubble wrap and a cardboard box
  • I ship small and medium size by UPS & DHL
  • I ship large sizes by freight forwarding worldwide
  • Overnight delivery is also possible upon request

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Sustainable values for every budget

Sifting your template

Adaptation of your photos for convertibility, including drafts

Individual prices

Hand built frames, Durable painting base. Upon request with framing & gilding.

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New inspirations directly from the studio

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