Authentic landscape painting

As an artist with 25 years of experience I paint your wish – landscape. From the format 30cm to 3m or much larger as a wall design.

My clients value creativity, passion & innovation.

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Unique painted landscapes

Landscape paintings have the ability to create emotions or depict the present reality. Painting captures the beauty of nature and reproduces it on canvas, either in the form of a detailed image or in a more abstract, simplified representation.

Landscape painting has a long history, dating back to ancient Greece. Even then, nature was considered an important motif in art and formed an inspiration for many artists.

As a freelance artist, I devote great care and attention to each project. Thanks to my wide repertoire of techniques and styles, I am able to realize almost any motif. I look forward to creating an individual landscape painting for you as well, which will accurately reflect your wishes and ideas.


Landscape painting with appropriate coloring, striking perspectives and distinctive handwriting.


As an artist, I have been painting landscape paintings for over 25 years.

Commission painting prices

Rapid implementation

Customized motifs & sizes

You choose a landscape image and let me turn it into a painting. In just 4 weeks you get a hand-painted work of art. Ready to hang!

Have landscape painting on canvas

In landscape painting, a long experience, a spatial imagination and a confident handling of the materials are of central importance. Only in this way is it possible to capture the beauty of nature in an artistic way on canvas and fascinate the viewer.

Today, modern painting materials offer us ideal conditions to professionally realize old masterpieces, modern oil paintings or art-historically relevant paintings such as baroque paintings with a very high standard. With the right technique and a trained eye, it is possible to immortalize the finest details of the landscape in a painting and bring the colors and textures of nature to life on canvas.

I have a wide range of painting techniques and materials at my disposal, and can ensure that your landscape artwork is exactly what you want and envision. With my expertise and passion for painting, I always work to create artwork that will exceed your expectations and give you long-lasting enjoyment.


Commission painting prices

High quality materials

As an artist with 25 years of experience, I place great emphasis on using high quality materials when creating your commissioned painting.

Using high quality materials will ensure that your artwork will not only look stunning, but will also be durable and give you long lasting pleasure.

  • Old masters & modern works
  • Traditional & modern techniques
  • Oil paint, pigments and varnish
  • Panel paintings on wood
  • On request with individual framing
  • True to scale fabrication

Commission painting prices

from drawing to painting

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Authenticity & Accuracy

Landscape painting – creativity & craft

From small formats, to medium size paintings, to huge seascapes. All landscape paintings are hand painted & signed. With the use of select canvases, lightfast oil paints and exclusive frames, you will enjoy your painting for a long time.

A hand painted landscape painting is the ideal accent in your rooms. Whether an abstract motif or a naturalistic mountain landscape – I offer you the opportunity to find the right painting for your room.

  • Realization according to photo template

  • Preparation of drafts

  • Individual Sizes

  • Handmade frame

  • On request with framing & gilding

  • Large sizes possible from 300 cm


Classic & modern landscapes

All landscape paintings are meticulously painted and are characterized by their professional implementation.

Whether bright and vivid colors or a monochrome color spectrum. Whether it is an extremely thin glaze or an impasto application of paint, the implementation meets your expectation of a high standard.

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Lightfast colors and high quality materials

Creating a perfect landscape painting requires much more than talent and creativity. It all starts with the right materials – a careful combination of highly pigmented paints and matching canvases.

As an artist, I carefully construct each drawing and lay out the surfaces to form the composition. Then I place highlights and shadows to create depth and dimension, and match the areas of color to each other, again and again.

This process requires patience and care to ensure that each element is harmonious and balanced. But the result is worth it – a stunning oil painting that touches the eyes and soul of the viewer.

Finally, this process ends with a focused final sharpening of the details and color scheme. These final touches perfect the painting and bring it to life.

Overall, it is a process that takes time, patience and passion. But in the end, the result will be a beautiful, unique work of art that will delight and fascinate you, the viewer.

Landscape painting pictures for every taste

Sifting your template

Adaptation of your photos for convertibility, including drafts

Individual prices

Hand built frames, Durable painting base. Upon request with framing & gilding.

Order painting request

T. Dostal Dostal- Partner

“The painting was a complete success!!! So the surprise was more than successful. Again, thank you very much for the great implementation!”

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Questions & Answers

What motifs are possible?

I look forward to helping you create your custom landscape painting. There are no limits with this project – you are welcome to send me several photos, which I will then combine into one design.

However, before I begin implementing the commission, you will receive one or more drafts so you can take your time and decide if you like the design. Once you are satisfied with the design, I will begin the implementation on your painting.

I strive to provide you with a unique piece of art that perfectly fits your vision. With my experience and creative approach, I guarantee that you will be satisfied with the result.

When do I pay for the landscape painting pictures?

Please note that you must pay in full for the entire commissioned work upon order confirmation. As soon as the payment is made, I will begin with the implementation of the commissioned painting.

During the painting process and after completion, you will be sent a photo of the work. This will give you the opportunity to monitor the progress of the work and ensure that the final artwork meets your expectations.

If for any reason you do not like the painting, I will retain 50% of the commission amount for materials and labor. Please note that it is in my best interest to make sure you are happy with the outcome, and I will do everything I can to make sure you receive a piece of art you will love.

What materials are possible?

Tell me in what size & with what material you want your picture painted. I will be happy to advise you for the appropriate technique. The following materials are possible: oil paint, acrylic paint, pastel paint, pencil, tempera paint, pigments, varnishes, watercolor, etc.. Since all techniques of painting are treated equally in price, you do not pay extra for this.

What payment options are available to me?

Online Bank Transfer. You simply transfer the amount directly from your account and receive an invoice & proof of purchase.

Cash payment. You can pay for your commission painting in cash.

How long is the delivery time?

The delivery time depends on the effort & size of the landscape painting. For a motif less elaborate work with fast-drying colors, the waiting time is about 20 working days.

For a possible framing and shipping of the commissioned artwork must be added another three to five working days. Larger paintings in oil paint need a little longer to dry before they are ready for shipment. Here the waiting time is between 20- 30 days plus shipping time.

What do I need for an order request?

To process your request, I need the desired size of the image and a description of the desired motif. The best way is to send me the desired motif by e-mail.

If you wish, you can also visit me in my studio in Erfurt. I always work according to a template to ensure that the final artwork is exactly what you want.

My detailed and meticulous approach guarantees a maximum artistic result and a unique commissioned painting that you can proudly present at home. I look forward to working with you and creating a work of art that you will cherish forever.

Landscape painting pictures directly from the studio

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