Exact art copy

Let the inspiration run wild. A hand-painted art copy is the ideal accent in your rooms. Whether a modern painting or an opulent painting – as an artist I paint your favorite picture.

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Have art copy painted on canvas

For a successful art copy, many years of experience, a strong spatial imagination and a confident handling of the materials are of central importance.

As an artist with over 25 years of experience, I have mastered these skills perfectly and produce art copies of the highest quality.

Each art copy is made with great attention to detail and the utmost care to replicate the original artwork as closely as possible.

I guarantee an exact reproduction of the original in color, composition and style.

Sifting the template

Research on original image and adaptation for feasibility, including drafts.

Individual sizes

Hand built frames, Durable painting base. Upon request with framing & gilding.

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Unique aesthetics through sensible design

Motifs from the Renaissance, Baroque or modern – with me you can have your art copy painted. Directly in the studio in Erfurt – personal & individual.

Thanks to my wealth of experience, the possibilities are almost unlimited.

I am curious which motif I may implement for you!

kunstkopie nach vorlage
Exactly as in the original

Long experience with the materials, a precise technical implementation and the excellent quality are things that my clients appreciate in my pictures. This creates trust and ensures innovative cooperation – even in the long term.

  • Old masters & modern works
  • Traditional & modern techniques
  • Oil paint, pigments and varnish
  • Panel paintings on wood
  • individual framing
  • True to scale fabrication
  • individual prices

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Famous paintings in all formats

Rapid implementation

You choose a picture and let me turn it into an art copy. In just 4 weeks you get a hand-painted masterpiece. Ready to hang!

Long pleasure

All paintings are mounted on durable wooden frames and painted on long-lasting canvas, so that later generations can still enjoy your work.

Stefan Mannes, Kakoii

“… arrived. Unpacked. Great. Thanks again for the exciting project with the great result.”

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Authenticity & Accuracy

The beauty of an art copy

From small formats, to huge canvas paintings. With the use of selected canvases, light-fast oil paints and exclusive frames, you will have a long enjoyment of your painting.

As a client, you benefit from my 25 years of experience as an artist. Gladly also in large format from 300 cm side length.

  • Realization according to photo template

  • Preparation of drafts

  • Individual sizes

  • Handmade frame

  • On request with framing & gilding

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art copy flower picture
art copy painting landscape

Sophisticated paintings

Each art copy is meticulously painted and distinguished by my professional implementation. Is it bright colors or is it a monochrome color spectrum.

An extremely thin glaze or an impasto application of paint, the select use of my materials meets all expectations of your art copy.


Lightfast oil paints & high quality canvases

For a perfect art copy, the right material is indispensable. I work exclusively with highly pigmented oil paints and selected canvases to give you the best possible results.

The quality of the materials plays a crucial role in creating an accurate and long-lasting art copy. With my years of experience working with these materials, I guarantee you a unique result that is every bit as good as the original in color and consistency.

Each art copy is made with the utmost care and precision to replicate the original as closely as possible. Trust in my expertise and be inspired by the high quality of my art copies.

Worldwide shipping
  • in bubble wrap & carton
  • Medium sizes by UPS & DHL
  • Large sizes by freight forwarding
  • express delivery

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Sustainable values for every budget

Sifting your template

Customization of your template for feasibility, including drafts

Individual prices

Durable painting base. On request with framing & gilding.

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Have art copy painted

Find your next favorite Artwork.

As an artist, I will answer your questions & guide you through the finding process.

Talk directly with me

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Order art copy

Buying paintings on the Internet requires trust and is primarily a question of individual aspiration to a work of art in terms of its aesthetic and artistic aspects. It is important that you, as a buyer, are clear about your personal preferences and requirements before making a purchase decision. I will be happy to advise you on the most suitable motif.

Visit directly in the studio

In the studio you have the opportunity to see all the works of art. In particular, you can not miss the very large-scale oil paintings and expressive paintings. Here you can see the artworks up close and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of art.

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Service art copy

Questions & Answers

What motifs are possible?

If you want an art copy, there are no limits to your ideas and wishes. You are welcome to send me several photos, which I then combine into a draft. So you get an idea of how the finished painting will look and can make any changes or adjustments.

Before implementing the commission painting, I will provide you with one or more drafts so that you can decide at your leisure whether you like the design and it meets your expectations. I will make sure that the design is as realistic and detailed as possible, so that the final result meets your expectations.

If you are satisfied with the design for the desired image, I begin with the implementation on your painting. In the process, I work with high quality materials and proceed carefully to achieve an excellent result.

When do I pay for the art copy?

When you order an art copy, full payment is due as soon as the order confirmation is received. Upon receipt of payment, I will begin the implementation of the art copy and keep you informed throughout the painting process. You will receive regular photos of the work so that you can track the progress of the painting and make adjustments as necessary.

When the painting is completed, you will receive a final photo. If the painting does not meet your expectations, 50% of the order amount for materials and labor will remain with the contractor. However, I am committed to providing you with a work of art that fully satisfies you and will be happy to answer any questions or make adjustments.

Please note that each art copy is an individual and unique work of art and may not fully meet your expectations due to personal taste preferences or artistic differences. However, I will do everything in my power to ensure that you receive a high quality and unique piece of art that you will enjoy for a long time.

What materials are possible?

Let me know in what size & with what material you want your art copy painted. I will be happy to advise you for the appropriate technique. The following materials are possible: oil paint, acrylic paint, pastel paint, pencil, tempera paint, pigments, varnishes, watercolor, etc.. Since all techniques of painting are treated equally in price, you do not pay extra for this.

What payment options are available to me?

Online Bank Transfer. You simply transfer the amount directly from your account and receive an invoice & proof of purchase.

Cash payment. You can pay for your commission painting in cash.

How long is the delivery time?

The delivery time depends on the effort & size of the oil painting. For a motif less elaborate work with fast-drying colors, the waiting time is about 20 working days.

For a possible framing and shipping of the commissioned artwork must be added another three to five working days. Larger paintings in oil paint need a little longer to dry before they are ready for shipment. Here the waiting time is between 20- 30 days plus shipping time. The insured shipping is Germany, – and worldwide.

What do I need for an order request?

With a request I need the desired size of the image & a description of the desired motif. The best way is to send me the desired motif by e-mail.

You are also welcome to visit me in my studio in Erfurt. Each work is made according to a template. The detailed and careful working method guarantees a maximum artistic result and a unique commissioned painting.


Have art copy painted – this is how it works`s

With an art copy and the appropriate image motif, you will give your rooms sophisticated aesthetics. Art copies have been popular since the beginning of the last century and have lost none of their beauty in this time. You can get your favorite motif with an art copy in a large or small format – perfect for setting creative accents and as a source of strength.

On an art copy, an abstract landscape in extraordinary colors comes into its own, while an acrylic painting with the last vacation motif stimulates our dreams. With your painted wish motif you provide a meaningful ambience in your four walls.

All styles and motifs

All art copies make it not only with very many different motifs, but also in all sizes and shapes. Square canvas prints in 100×100 cm are eye-catchers that fit anywhere. Rectangular, or serial canvas prints in 160×120 cm, on the other hand, are ideal to hang over the sofa or the kitchen table.

Color depth and contrast

For an art copy I use only materials that meet the highest standards of color depth, contrast and purity. Due to the surface structure of the canvases, the art copies create a haptic materiality and transform your living space into a place of liveliness. Your commissioned painting zb. you can order from me in different motifs and choose individually in terms of format and framing.

Art copy as a commission painting

In a simple way you can have your individual art copy painted. You determine the image size and select a desired – motif. I optimize, for example, your photo template and make designs if necessary. Thus, a classic photo becomes a perfect art copy.

Unique works of art

With oil paints hand-painted art copies are also valuable unique copies that do not exist a second time. All art copies are provided with a varnish after the conversion. This gives the pictures a higher brilliance. Each art copy remains as sublime as on the first day for a long time. This is ensured by UV-resistant colors that retain their color depth. For an art copy from my studio you need in principle no separate frame. Because each canvas painting is also painted on the sides, so that already the covered stretcher wonderfully replaces any picture frame. If desired, I frame your painting with a suitable frame.

Order your canvas picture conveniently online

Buying an art copy online has never been easier than with nikolauskriese.de. As the most famous commission painter in Germany, I offer you a huge selection of exceptional canvas paintings, which you can order online with just a few clicks. Whether modern paintings 100×70 cm, square in 80×80 cm or extra large in 300×200 cm, I have the right sizes for you on offer.

Browse at your leisure through my online gallery and discover the right canvas painting with your favorite motif – from an abstract painting to the landscapes to the romantic spring dream or minimalist artwork. If you want a successful contrast to your colorful walls, it is best to choose an acrylic painting in plain colors.

Bright acrylic paintings

A colorful canvas painting will look its best on a white wall and will bring power to the room. Have you decided on an acrylic painting, put it with one click in your shopping cart or let me make it individually as a commissioned painting.

New inspirations directly from the studio

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